Foreign Exchange Transactions and Foreign Payments

FX Capital can assist companies and private clients with all foreign exchange related transfers and cross-border payments.

FX Capital is a South African financial services Company registered with the Financial Services Board and is authorised by the South African Reserve Bank to transact in the capacity as a foreign exchange intermediary.

Established in 2004 we have assisted more than 10,000 private individuals with foreign transfers and more than 200 South African companies with their foreign payments and currency risk management requirements.

The benefits of using FX Capital include:

  • Expert advice, personalised service and solutions tailored to our clients’ needs
  • Great savings through excellent exchange rates and low bank fees
  • Fully compliant with South African Reserve Bank, Financial Services Board and South African Revenue Services.
  • Free, no obligation consultation on your personal and or businesses requirements.
  • Secure transaction process where our client’s funds are always in an account in the client’s name.

Our Services Include:

Our clients use us because we provide a professional and personalised service and we save them money on their foreign currency transactions.

Our services extend to the purchase and sale of foreign currency for private individuals and companies, currency risk management, Trade Finance and hedging strategies, SARB applications, encashment of retirement annuity and other pension policies, emigrations, inheritances, R1 million discretionary and R10 million foreign investment allowances, exchange control advice, opening of accounts for non-residents, bank accounts and money market accounts.