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A little hindsight experience from moving overseas

Making the decision to move overseas is a daunting prospect, especially when you have a family to consider. What if with the benefit of a little hindsight we could have done things differently and avoided avoid some seemingly obvious mistakes? But, without having a time machine that we can hop into and give our pre-move

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invest offshore to protect your financial future

Invest offshore for a safer financial future

For most South Africans watching the Rand, there is always that dull feeling of impending doom, regardless of whether the Rand is falling or climbing. Despite South African companies, that are, for the most part, continuing to grow, we are still faced with a struggling economy. The result of this is that any local investments

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how to do business overseas without offending people

Doing Business Overseas :: How to avoid unintentionally offending foreigners

Hindsight is always 20/20, but that won’t help you if you made a mistake and spoiled your chances of doing business overseas. First impressions are so important and with many different customs it can be all too easy to miss a cue, misinterpret a gesture or worse still, offend your prospective partner. It sounds ridiculous,

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best way to transfer money overseas

The best way to transfer your money overseas

When you run your own business and have overseas interests or planning to relocate to another country, every cent counts. But you also can’t wait for that fantasy moment to get the best benefit from the exchange rates, life moves on and money needs to be put to work. So put that dream once-in-a-lifetime moment

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a stronger future for the south african rand

What can we Expect from the future of the South African Rand?

The Rand has been an underachiever in the past and is still considered undervalued because its value in foreign exchange is less than it should be, based on economic conditions. However, there are multiple influences, including the growth of the economy, the demand from investors, the effects of risk, and more. Looking at Burgernomics, the

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International Foreign Exchange Rates

Who can you trust to get the best foreign currency exchange rates

Whether you are planning to transfer money overseas as a gift, to financially emigrate, or as a business to pay foreign clients/suppliers, you want to be sure that your money is in safe hands. Especially in the light of certain South African Banks getting caught with their hands in the cookie jar after the rand-rigging

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expanding a business overseas

Expanding your business overseas

South Africa is ripe with entrepreneurs and it is the dream of many to expand their businesses overseas. Earning foreign currency through exporting or importing products is certainly attractive. The prospect of being a ‘global player’ brings a feeling of security, as if ever something happens to South Africa, you have other options already in

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Lessen the impact of culture shock when moving overseas

How to quickly overcome culture shock when moving to a foreign country

When it comes to moving overseas, it is natural to shortlist the English speaking countries first to avoid having to overcome too much culture shock. Not having to learn a new language and a whole set of different customs automatically speeds up resettling in a new country. But what if you really want to go

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move overseas for a fresh start

Make a fresh start when you move overseas

South Africans do have a reputation for being more friendly, outgoing and including of people who have not been born and raised in their social circles. There is a phrase… “where ever you go there you are again” – but that doesn’t mean you have to be the same person when you move overseas.Make a

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A quick guide to emigration [Infographic]

Moving overseas can be one of the biggest challenges a person will face in their lifetime. There are many things that need attention and it is easy to miss a step. Having to go back and recover a missed step can put you back on your timeline. Here is a handy infographic to keep you

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