Currency Risk Management & Hedging

Exchange rates are volatile by their very nature and a large move in the exchange rate can have a significant impact on the cost of your goods imported or revenue from export proceeds.

If your company is making payments or receiving payments into the future and you want to secure the exchange rate now and have certainty about the future exchange rate you may want to consider a hedging strategy to manage your currency risk. This will require a forward exchange facility to enable your business to secure exchange rates into the future.

We will assist you with setting up the facility and developing a strategy to manage your currency risk and any exposure to your business.

We can also assist with trade finance funding facilities for importers – trade finance is the financing of payments to overseas suppliers while you wait for goods to be manufactured, shipped and delivered to your clients. Facilities are available on application.

Contact us for a consultation and assessment of your current foreign payment processes to see the savings we can achieve for your business.

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