Make a fresh start when you move overseas

South Africans do have a reputation for being more friendly, outgoing and including of people who have not been born and raised in their social circles. There is a phrase… “where ever you go there you are again” – but that doesn’t mean you have to be the same person when you move overseas.

Make a fresh start

You are after all moving to a new country so why not wipe your slate clean. Leave those self-doubts and negative issues at the airport with the lost baggage and come to your new home on the wings of change.

Be more friendly

Make an effort to smile more, open up your body language, include and be aware of others as you get started with your new life. The best time to make a fresh start is at the beginning before the old habits settle back in. Once you have made a few positive habits you will be on a roll and it will be difficult to turn back.

Get out of your comfort zone

This one should be easy! You can’t still be in your comfort zone and move overseas. But make a point of experiencing new things and get further out of your comfort zone. There is nothing like an adventure experience or a few to make you more interesting in polite company. These experiences will also give you more self-confidence which can only be a good thing.

Don’t forget your money

No matter how good your intensions are for your new life, all will quickly crumble if you are having money troubles. Starting fresh uses great resources and the last thing you need is find yourself in a money transfer tangle. Trying to sort out transfer issues from overseas can be a frustrating process. Better to do it right from the beginning by getting in touch with Forex Capital for expert money transfer advice.