Transferring retirement annuities

As a South African living overseas you are entitled to transfer retirement investments tied up in South African retirement annuities, preservation funds, living annuities and pensions overseas – regardless of your age.
South African legislation was amended in 2008 to allow South Africans living overseas to transfer their retirement savings offshore before they reach retirement age of 55, provided they have (financially) emigrated and become non-resident.

  • Retirement Annuities – emigrate and freely transfer the full fund value of your annuity offshore
  • Living Annuities – have your annuities paid monthly, quarterly, annually; no emigration required and it doesn’t form part of your allowances – quick and easy
  • Preservation Funds – emigration allows the transfer of your funds benefits offshore when you want them, whether or not you have used your one withdrawal opportunity
  • Pension Funds – emigrate and withdraw the full value of your pension fund – subject to provision of the specific pension fund’s rules – and transfer the proceeds offshore
  • Encashment of policies – we’ll open a bank account in your name for you where the insurer can deposit the proceeds encashed and assist with the transfer of the funds

Each case is specific so why not contact us and get a free consultation and assessment of your situation. Compare our fees and you’ll find them low enough to have some funds left over for yourself.

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